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Android App LaneWars

LaneWars screenshot

During the last semester a friend and I developed a strategy-game with Unity3D for various platforms.
Now it is available for Android as well but still in a Beta state.
If you want, you can check it out at Google Play. or find out more at the official site from Tylox Interactive.

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Clock Update 0.7.0

Download it here

Clock 0.7.0

A few days ago I released a new version of my popular (60.000+ downloads) Plugin for the MMORPG "Elder Scrolls Online".

Since ESO turned into a B2P game I worked, like I promised, on the latest Version of my addon Clock - Tamriel Standard Time.

What is new?

In this version there is no major improvement, but one minor, which improves the look so much, that I do not want to miss it anymore.

I am speaking of the new background feature.

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Elder Scrolls Online goes B2P and Clock v0.7.0 is on the way

Zenimax Online has stoped charging to play ESO

With the new Update 2.0 (and some other numbers) ESO is more or less F2P.

It is a really nice thing for me, as a developer, because I don't have to play for a subscription to update my addon.

Well, of course, this is for you, if you are a gamer and ESO player, a wonderfull thing too, because now Clock - Tamriel Standard Time, gets finally a new Update and features!

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Issue with Clock Update 6.0.2

Thank you ZO

With Elder Scrolls Online Update 5 (1.5.2), Zenimax Online changed (again!) a lot of unnecessary things to, I guess, annoy the modding community.

One thing the changed was to remove fonts which my Addon is using. As a result, the text of the Clock will not be seen.

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New Website

It is back

First Project

I started my webmaster career with my first job from Sonnenaphotheke Rutesheim. It was to create a website for them which represent their new shop. They had an old one, but it was created a long time ago, so I had to recreate everything from scratch.

At this time I was still in school and had not ever really worked on a larger project like a website for a running shop. The only reasonable step was to learn as fast as possible and use a tool as easy as possible. I used Joomla.

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Clock Update 0.6.0

Clock 0.6.0

A few days ago I released a new version of my popular (45.000+ downloads) Plugin for the MMORPG "Elder Scrolls Online".

It will probably be the last Version for a longer time, because I will not prolong my subscription due to various reasons... but never the less I will fix any major bug if you find one!

What is new?

I changed the moon algorithm:
The moon algorithm was something I wanted to change for a long time now, but I could not get hold of the time system Zenimax is using to decide which moon phase is right now.

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