It is back

First Project

I started my webmaster career with my first job from Sonnenaphotheke Rutesheim. It was to create a website for them which represent their new shop. They had an old one, but it was created a long time ago, so I had to recreate everything from scratch.

At this time I was still in school and had not ever really worked on a larger project like a website for a running shop. The only reasonable step was to learn as fast as possible and use a tool as easy as possible. I used Joomla.

Joomla is a neat CMS giving you all the possibilities you want. The only negative point is, at least at that time I thought that everything is more in place and not as customizable as I want it to be.

That said, it was perfect to create a website for a small shop without going in to deep in Php.

I tried it on my own website also, which should be as good looking as possible to attract clients, but Joomla showed me its borders. I changed my CMS to Drupal, but my Abi and other school work came in my way (and a crashed hard drive with all my work on it) so I stopped.

Years Later

’11 I finally graduated from the BSZ Leonberg (the TG department) and started to study Medical Engineering at the Universität Tübingen and Universität Stuttgart.

It was very interesting but didn’t feel right from the beginning. In the third Semester, I attended Computer Science I (Info I) which was really easy for me and made a lot of fun. Much more than the previous Semester to be honest and much more fulfilling too.

I decided to change the Subject and started to study Informatik (Computer Science) at the Universität Tübingen.


Now I am in my forth Semester in Informatik and am hired for two Web-Projects (even though I am specialist in Java and not Php/Html or CSS) and had to get back into the game. Thus I started on my Website again.

Thanks to all the passionate people it is a lot easier than it could be to make (or get in this case) a great design and modules to for fill all my wishes without having to create them myself.

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Arne Rantzen

He has been programming in various languages for more than 15 years. For about 10 years in a semi-professional way. He received a Bachelor of Science at the elite University of Tübingen and is currently a Master student in Computer Science. Since 2020 he works as a research assistant at karriere tutor.


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