Thank you, ZO

With Elder Scrolls Online Update 5 (1.5.2), Zenimax Online changed (again!) a lot of unnecessary things to, I guess, annoy the modding community.

One thing the changed was to remove fonts which my Addon is using. As a result, the text of the Clock will not be seen.

As far as we know right now, you can fix this by selecting a different font in the settings menu or installing a separate Addon from Garkin or Seerah at the ESOUI Community. (Thanks Garkin for the tip and temporary solution).

Follow the progress

I am sorry for this inconvenience, I try to fix this as fast as possible.

You can follow the active discussion on this matter in my file comments section at ESOUI


Friendly enough, ZO gave me 3 days to access the game again.

During that time I have also tested my addon extensively and it runs again without any problems. Probably there was some code added in the client internally replacing all non-existent fonts with the default font.

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