ZeniMax Online has stopped charging to play ESO

With the new Update 2.0 (and some other numbers) ESO is more or less F2P.

It is a really nice thing for me, as a developer, because I don’t have to play for a subscription to update my addon.

Well, of course, this is for you, if you are a gamer and ESO player, a wonderful thing too, because Clock – Tamriel Standard Time, gets now finally a new Update and features!

Clock Update 0.7

Yes, we still don’t have reached v1.0, and maybe won’t for a very long time. This doesn’t mean Clock isn’t working right or a beta, it does only mean, that I have a vision what a finished Clock should look like, and we aren’t there yet.

I work right now on a project, a website for a new Client – I promise you will be amazed – and don’t have the time to work and play that much. Still studying computer science doesn’t make it easier.

So with Update 0.7.0 will only come to a few bug fixes, updated assets I use and one simple feature but it brings a major improvement to the look of the Clock.

Thank you GT-Schorsch at ESOUI for the idea,

Well then. Have fun playing and please tell me any ideas you have to make the Clock better or if you found a bug.


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