Tamriel Standard Time

This plugin adds a completely customizable and moveable label to the game which shows you the current date and time of Tamriel and of Earth (linked to your system time, thus it is accurate where ever you are).
Additionally, it also shows the current state of the moon and the remaining time to the next phase.






Times favorit

About Clock

This AddOn will show you the current time in Tamriel.
It is displayed on the Interface wherever you want it to be – completely movable.
You are also able to set the size, font and style of the clock to your liking.

The time in Tamriel is not a fact.

There is not function in the API which gets us the length back.
Many people right now are trying to figure out how long a day is.
Zenimax Online stated in their FAQ that the time is a bit less than 5h, but after many tests, I am sure it is 5,83h long.
If you agree with me or not is up to you.
You are able to customize the length of the day easily in the Clock – TST settings.
This can be done to a precision of seconds.

Right now, the settings and the Clock is localized in English, German, Japanese and Russian.

Thanks for continuing to maintain this addon. It's one of my favorites. Most used and probably most overlooked.”

Download it now

If you like what you read, feel free to try it our yourself (it’s free).

You are also very welcome to give me a feedback or a donation for my effort.


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