Clock - Tamriel Standard Time

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Tamriel Standard Time
by @Tyx
Clock - TST variations


You can use this addon together with Harven's Dwemer Clock to get the ingame Time as a fantastic looking, animated clock. Install both addons then right-click on the Dwemer Clock and click "Use Tamriel Standard Time Clock" option. You can change the size of the Dwemer Clock by clicking on it (left mouse button) and then scrolling with your mouse wheel over the Clock.

Follow the Clock on GitHub to always get the latest beta/alpha Version (caution: unstable)
I will release every stable build here as soon as possible!
If you like an offline desktop application of the Clock to see the current time in Tamriel where ever a PC is, search no further and look here (still an alpha Version)


This AddOn will show you the current time in Tamriel.
It is displayed on the Interface wherever you want it to be - completely movable.
You are also able to set the size, font and style of the clock to your liking.

The time in Tamriel is not a fact.

There is not function in the API which gets us the length back.
Many people right now are trying to figure out how long a day is.
Zenimax Online stated in their FAQ that the time is a bit less than 5h, but after many tests I am sure it is 5,83h long.
If you agree with me or not is up to you.
You are able to customize the length of the day easily in the Clock - TST settings.
This can be done to a precision of seconds.

The time could be off after a maintenance or something else.
With the settings menu or commands you can choose one out of four times to synchronize the clock.
For example you see the sun right under your South needle of the compass.
You are sure that it is noon right now.
No problem: Just write /cl noon in the chat or use the "Noon is now!" button in the settings to sync your clock.

The best way to sync your Clock is to set the clock to noon at noon and wait a day or more (ingame).
Then set your time (at noon again) so that your clock shows exactly 12:00.
When this is done you should have a perfectly synced clock
Noon is best because you can see the sun and you have a compass
So just wait until the sun is right under you South sign at you compass.

Right now, the settings and the Clock is localized in English and German.

If you are from the US or any other country which uses a 12-hour clock, you are able to change the clock to that format too. You can even hide the am/pm signs.
Of course you can use the formats: 12h or 24h wherever you are from.
You can also hide the 0 before a single number: 01:12 -> 1:12.

I personally love to see the seconds pass by. It is fun to see if they reach the zero or step over it (because of the game to real time ratio). It is like the screensaver of a DVD player... you have to watch for some reason.
If they distract you to much - like me - or you just don't want to see them, just disable them.
You can disable to show seconds in the settings menu.

You can let the Clock AddOn show you the current moon phase and the time to the next one.
This feature is like the time not based on a fact but on a adjustable algorithm.
After many month of studding it I am sure one cycle is 30 Tamriel days long, but you can still change the length of the different phases.
You can customize the length of a moon phase at the settings menu.

Clock does not stop there.
You can also let the Clock show you the current lore date on your screen either as a real calculated date or a fake one representing the current real date as a lore date.

The look of the time and date are fully customizable.
Write a String like this in the text field in the settings:
_DDD, _D day of _MMM _YY _hh:_mm:_ss

It will return you a date looking like this:
Fredas, 4th day of First Seed 2E 582 07:09:08

If you want the Clock will also show you the current real date and time as customizable as the lore time and date.

Clock - TST gives you a fully customizable lore- (and real-) date and time system with moon cycle integration.

If you want a new feature to be added too, feel free to suggest it here.


You can easily change all settings in the menu:
The panel can be called with writing the command /clsettings in the chat.
Or To open it press "esc" -> choose "settings" and look for "Clock - Tamriel Standard Time".

If it is to much of a hassle for you, there are also chat commands.
The meta command is /cl
/cl active toggle the clock on or off
/cl date toggle the date on or off
/cl ldate toggle the lore date on or off
/cl fldate toggle the fake lore date on or off
/cl help will give all available commands
/cl moon toggle the lines for the moon phase under your clock on or off
/cl rt toggle the Real Time on or off
/cl reset resets the clock to the default values (all saved values will be lost)
/cl resetUI resets the changes only to the clock look
/cl sec toggle to show seconds on or off
/cl show shows the length of a day and the upcoming times in real world time

Synchronize the Clock
/cl midnight will save the current time as midnight
/cl sunrise will save the current time as sunrise
/cl noon will save the current time as noon
/cl sunset will save the current time as sunset

/cl us Toggle am/pm format on or off

Known Bugs

Clock will "jump" around if you activate or deactivate the date functions

If you notice one please use this link to report it.
It will help me a lot.

Future Plans

#0.1 Add ingame time algorithm
#0.2 Display ingame time
#0.3 Create commands to adjust time
#0.4 Create user interface to adjust clock
# 0.41 Bugfixes
# 0.42 Add hide seconds
# 0.43 Rewrite time algorithm
# 0.44 Make clock moveable and add colorize, fonts, styles, size to settings
# 0.45 Bugfixes
#0.5 Create moon cycle database
# 0.51 Moon icon
# 0.52 Various improvements

#0.6 Display for moon cycle

0.6.0+ will only be improvments and bug fixing.
Thanks to Harven I don't need to provide you with a custom animated Clock.
He made already a really beautiful one compatible with this addon.

#0.7 Make clock visible at the map
#0.8 Animate clock
#0.9 Animate clock objects
#1.0 Add moon cycle to the clock (animated)


I am really thankful to the Community of ESOUI which helped me alot in the forum and the comments or per PM.

A special thanks to Seerah for helping me out and giving us the LibAddonMenu, LibMediaProvider and LibStub which I use in this Addon.

Furthermore to name some helpful users which reported bugs and/or presented features:
Munkry, Friiar, Sephiroth018, fosley, LegoManIAm94, WatersMoon110, Kraeius, Phinix, logan9a, oldbushie, MAOofDC, QuadroTony and of course Garkin.

I am sorry if I forgot to mention you if you helped me out too

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