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Clock 0.7.0

A few days ago I released a new version of my popular (60.000+ downloads) Plugin for the MMORPG “Elder Scrolls Online”.

Since ESO turned into a B2P game I worked, like I promised, on the latest Version of my addon Clock – Tamriel Standard Time.

What is new?

In this version, there is no major improvement, but one minor, which improves the look so much, that I do not want to miss it anymore.

I am speaking of the new background feature.

You can now choose (it is shown as default) to show or hide a background texture behind the label of the date. This gives this floating letters a place to call home and this makes it look like a genuine UI element instead of an addon.

You see: Just beautiful

Besides that, there are a few minor bug fixes and adjustments. One other improvement is a wanted feature of a forum member at the ESOUI community. You can now let the real date be shown in the same row as the lore date. This is nothing great yet, but it will see a major improvement in the next version.

So stay tuned.


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